Site Revamping and Website Management

''Times are changing; and maybe it is time for your existing websites and structure to experience a surgical change ''

Revamp your existing websites for better performance.

More often than not, some businesses and brands develop their websites and abandon them afterward; thereby leading to obsolete and outdated content.

In other instances, a business may contract a design and development job to substandard, quack developers.

Nonetheless, we are more than willing to give your site the necessary facelift to reposition your businesses and brands online for performance.

Our Pricing

CMS Implementation Service

Specialized in Design and Implementation of WordPress & Laravel CMS.

99,999 /One-time fee

Full-Scale Site Maintenance Service

Year-long Uptime Maintenance, Firewall, Content Management & Control

150,000 / Annum

Hire us to revamp your website today.

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