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Setting Up an Online Radio Station in Nigeria


Setting up an online radio in Nigeria might seem like a random, technical thing to do but with the right information and tips, It is really as simple as BBKS. People decide to establish an online radio for different reasons, namely;

a. Religious activities

b. Personal radio

c. Entertainment

d. Information center

e. Socio-cultural movements

Whatever the reasons may be, the processes and hurdles to be conquered are  reasonably similar. An online radio is an internet-based platform for streaming live and/or programmed contents to a particular audience. Topics and issues covered by these programs range from sports to religion and entertainment. Online radio is particularly attractive in the sense that a listener can tune in, from wherever and whenever.  In addition to this, listeners can receive real-time alerts on upcoming programmes and events. 

Nonetheless, the essence of this article is to provide a guide as to how to establish an online radio station in Nigeria. The processes are classified into stages, for purpose of clarify and understanding.

Stage 1

Creating a brand name

Before you go into the technicalities of developing a radio station, you have to build a brand for the radio station. Building a brand  entails choosing a name for the radio station, a logo, a catchy phrase and a theme color(s). It is important to choose a recognisable brand name, as well as a unique one

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